All behavioral services are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) where approved.

We provide:

  • In-home services
  • Parent training/consultation
  • School-based services: 1:1 aides, behavioral assessments
  • Teacher/Staff training
  • Workshops: Behavior management, communication, potty training, communication, etc.

Puzzle Pieces Autism and Behavioral Services, LLC believes that each child is unique and, as such, provides an individualized behavior program based on that child’s strengths and needs.  Our vast experience in the field allows us to draw from many approaches that have been shown to be effective in peer-reviewed research in ABA.

The approach we choose will be based on your child’s level of functioning in a variety of areas, including receptive and expressive communication, social skills, community skills and compliance, among others.   Although functioning levels of our clients differ, the ultimate goal of any program we provide is to teach as much independence and inclusion as possible. Our services include:

Functional Behavior AssessmentLearn More
Natural Environment TrainingLearn More
Discrete Trial TrainingLearn More
Verbal Behavior TherapyLearn More